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"Baits so real, they can't let go!

Custom fishing lures

Why custom?

Match the hatch!

Matching the hatch as the season goes on proves to be one of the biggest advantages you can put in your favor, Our colors are designed specifically to keep you ahead of the game ensuring you'll stay on top of each hatch from Craws in the early spring, to Shad in the fall as they push back into the creeks. 

Taking time and working out every detail.

Our goal always has been and always will be putting the highest quality baits in our customers hands as possible. Every detail from premium quality blanks, baits coated twice in automotive clear coat for durability to the KVD Mustad hooks that each bait comes furnished with, no corners are cut through every phase of the building process. 

Possibilities are endless

Favorite color discontinued by the box companies? Ever dreamt of the perfect bait? Why dream when we can put it together for you. Design you own color combos, blade configurations, to the firmness and fall/ float rate in you soft plastics, we offer FULLY Customizable baits and replicas at NO ADDITIONAL COST!